Hyundai Verna Fluidic Price Review and Specifications

Published: 22nd November 2011
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Previously the option for buying a cheap, sustainable and pragmatic car was that of the Japanese models, but off late Hyundai, the Korean giant has brought some relief to customers looking for a value buy. Hyundai has really taken the Indian market by storm with its huge plan and has a sensitive understanding of the do0mestic audience. Most importantly it recognizes the opportunities in the Indian market. The records speak for itself, currently they are the second largest car makers in India and with six variants on the road, they sure seem to be on the right track. Now that they are on the right track, Hyundai is moving ahead in the track with the Verna. Letís check it out.

The Verna is available in 8 variants with both petrol and diesel along with two high end models with extra features which is optional.
The New Hyundai Verna is the latest from Hyundai in the C+ class. With a fluid sculpt, this car sports both a comfy and racy look. Surely Hyundai is in no mood to give up its market share that easily and is only going from strength to strength. This babe is loaded with all the nice packages like safety, sleekness, tech features. Surely one will have their hands full with this darling.

As per road tests done, the Vernaís mileage differ from the configuration of each model but experts agree on a common figure of 17.43 kmpl which is actually a decent number with a tank capacity of up to 43 litres. It also has an ideal drive fitted with an ECO mode which helps in getting the maximum road run aka mileage under ideal RPM, speed and off course road conditions.

Engine: The engine gives a total power of up to 5,500 rpm and max torque of 14.9 kgm at 3,00rpm. The Verna is equipped with 1.6 L, 1599 cc with five speed manual gear box reaching a top speed of 195 kmph and that too with no vibration. Now thatís some performance.
Colors: Hyundai Verna Fluidic is available in six vibrant colors that are Blushing Red, Crystal White, Stone Black, Sleek Silver, Champagne Gold and Deep Ocean Blue.

Exterior: The new Hyundai Verna is surprisingly sporty with big headlights, the trademark hexagonal grille, L-shaped fog lamps with jaw shaped chin. The Verna also slims down at waist line along the length of the car with stylish mirrors and built in turn lights. The chrome door handles and alloy wheels also complement the sporty look. Finally the eye-catchy look is further enhanced with wrap around tail lamps on the bumper giving the appearance of seething red eyes.

Interior: Technology and style is a rare combination, especially till now as Hyundai is known for only delivering technology in its cars, the pinch of style surely comes as surprise. The car has dual toned dashboard and like the popular i20, it lets you adjust the height of the steering. It has a V shaped console, with built in MP3/FM player, climate control and air purifier. The leather finishing gives a comfortable driving experience even during long escapades.

Handling and Safety: The braking system ensures complete safety of the occupants in all the variants. It has front disk brakes and rear drum brakes while the top variants also have ABS and EBD systems. It also has six air bags built in ensuring complete safety for both front and rear occupants and comes along with seat belts too. While the handling offers light steering, good grip it also offers easy to park and handling controls with features like reverse parking sensors, reverse camera, folding mirrors.

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